South Texas Bleus

Quality French Bulldogs. Bred to perfection.



Our structured breeding program ensures no health/hereditary defects thru testing and selective breeding. 



We strive to achieve the breed standard when it comes to the distinct characteristics of Frenchies



Our Goal is to breed in quality traits, and breed out undesired traits thru selective breeding. Ensuring our lines meet the breed standard.

All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)

The AKC classifies the French bulldog as a “non-sporting” dog.” Frenchies are typically short, muscular, and compact with short "smooshed" faces (Brachycephalic)

Typical Height ranges from 11-13 inches tall. Standard weight ranges from 18 -28 pounds in both males and femals.

At South Texas Bleus we breed non-standard colors such as Blue, Blue Fawn, Blue Brindle, Blue&Tan, and sable. Most of our dogs carry coco.

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South Texas Bleus

est. 2016

Floresville, Tx